Kové Hard Yerba Mate
Variety Pack
5% ABV

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Variety Packs of Kové Hard Yerba Mate come with equal amounts of all of our year-round offerings. Sustainably brewed in San Diego, CA, this Hard Yerba Mate settles in perfectly at 5% ABV. 

Passion Berry [Passion Fruit, Blackberry]

Inspire your passions with Kové Passion Berry Hard Yerba Mate. Tart and sweet, these delicious tropical flavors will get you up on your feet. Passion Fruit and Blackberry come together to make this concoction.

Mango Colada [Mango, Orange, Coconut]

Kové Mango Colada Hard Yerba Mate is a sweet tropical party for your taste buds. Smooth coconut and rich mango are topped off with bright orange citrus. Mango Colada will have you kickin' off your Birks and burying your toes in the sand.

Lemonade Iced-Tea [Lemon, Black Tea]

Kové Lemonade Iced-Tea Hard Yerba Mate is better than par. Tangy lemon citrus paired with sweet and rich black tea meld together in this nostalgic Albatross of a blend. Truly a Hole-In-One... *golf clap*

Mojito [Spearmint, Lime]

Kové Mojito Hard Yerba Mate is truly the perfect refreshment. Crisp lime and subtle mint dance together perfectly in this OG cocktail inspired flavor. Fresh to death as they say.